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Welcome to Mess Me Not, where we understand the challenges of messy mealtimes for parents like you. We’ve experienced the frustration of dealing with stains, scrubbing, soaking, wiping, and those grubby highchair straps. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our incredible solution: The Mess Me Not Smock!

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Being a mother of three, I’ve experienced the joys of parenting firsthand, along with the inevitable messes that come with it. During my maternity leave from primary teaching, I had an “aha” moment after a particularly messy bowl of spaghetti bolognese that left the highchair orange and my baby’s jumpsuit stained. That’s when the idea struck me: “What if the smock covered the highchair tray too?” Inspired by this moment, I sat down with pen and paper to bring the design of the Mess Me Not Smock to life.

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Streamline your mealtime cleanup with our Mess Me Not Smock bundles. Take advantage of our special offers – just select your preferred Mess Me Not Smocks, enter the code at checkout, and enjoy the savings!

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Embarking on the journey to solids is a thrilling milestone, but it often brings along an avalanche of mess! We’ve personally experienced this chaotic phase with our own children, which inspired us to create a practical and comfortable solution. Our goal is to transform this exciting time into a joyous experience, rather than a constant worry about stains, spills, and lengthy cleanup sessions.

Introducing the Mess Me Not Smock—a game-changer that gives you back precious time with your little one. Say goodbye to the hassle of changing their clothes after every meal and bid farewell to the daunting task of cleaning a messy highchair. With the Mess Me Not Smock, you can make mealtimes all about cherishing quality moments with your family while leaving the cleaning duties to us. Enjoy peace of mind and spotless surroundings with the Mess Me Not Smock by your side.

End the messy cleanup!
A mother and baby are smiling as they look at each other and play with the washing. No more cleaning the high chair!

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They grow so fast. Save that time scrubbing the highchair and soaking stains from clothing and get back to spending quality time with your baby instead. Cleaning up after your baby's meal is now quick and simple with a Mess Me Not Smock. Simply throw it in the washing machine and the cleaning up is done!

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