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Mess Me Not™

Make cleaning, scrubbing and soaking after a messy meal a thing of the past!

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Find out why mums and dads are raving about the Mess Me Not Smock!

Designed by a mum, with Australian Made quality, the Mess Me Not Smock ticks all the boxes and is the ultimate game changer making mealtimes with your little one so much cleaner and easier!

Designed to suit ALL highchairs!

Whether your highchair tray is round, square, rectangle or you don't have a highchair tray at all the Mess Me Not Smock has been designed to fit it! This means you can take your Mess Me Not Smock with you when you go out and not have to worry about germy public highchairs. The clever design also means you can use the Mess Me Not Smock on the pram when out and about too. The Mess Me Not Smock really does make life so much easier!

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100% Australian Made and Owned

What the other mums and dads are saying...

Mums and Dads - these smocks are amazing!!! I was spending so much time cleaning up after [my baby's] eating. Cleaning her, the floor, the high chair, the constant clothing changes. As much as I love baby led weaning... its ridiculously messy Handmade to order, covers the tray, and just gets chucked in the wash afterwards! Lifesaver!


WOW, just WOW! Even though I love the name Mess Me Not I truly believe these smocks should be called SANITY SAVERS! I just received my son's smock in the mail a couple of days ago and I cannot fathom why I allowed to put myself through the stress of cleaning the highchair 4+ times a day! I am so impressed in the quality and I cant believe I actually now look forward to meal times with my son. I wish I knew of these smocks a year ago! Thank you so much Stephanie for your miracle invention and I look forward to putting in another order for another smock. These are genius and a no brainer.


My daughter makes the biggest mess but now I can dress her for the day before breakfast making the rush of the morning so much easier. We love our Mess Me Not Smock! Definitely recommend this to everyone with little ones!


Wow, thank you so much for our beautiful mess me not bib. This is an absolute game changer for meal times!


Let me start by saying, THANK YOU these are an AMAZING PRODUCT!! Such an easy clean up, no stained clothes, no need to change outfit every single feed...ALL MUMMAS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THESE LIFE CHANGING SMOCKS!! Cannot thank you enough Stephanie! Since starting solids, my twins have not let me spoonfeed so BLW it is, and we all know what a mess that leaves! Well, thanks to you, I NO LONGER DREAD MEALTIMES!! And also, not worry about how messy and stainy the food I give them is! I will be recommending Mess Me Not Smocks to EVERY MUM I KNOW! Its a thumbs up


I have to say I actually enjoy cleaning up after mealtimes now I don't have to clean up the mess! We have 3 and have just bought some short sleeve ones. We now no longer have to change his clothes every meal every day! Our washing machine thanks you, our dog not so much! haha


I would 100% recommend the smocks! I love them! makes everything so easy! You can tell i enjoy them! i have 4! So easy to use! Even with a wriggle bum!


We love, love, LOVE our Mess Me Not smocks. They have taken the anxiety out of meal times and also eating out. It also means we’re not changing outfits three times a day and having nice clothes ruined. Thanks so much to Stephanie for always making great quality products and sending orders off super quickly.


We love our Mess Me Not smock so much that we purchased a second one! Makes meal times much easier, Bub can get as messy as she likes without ruining her clothes underneath and I love that they are Australian made and owned.