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Mess Me Not

  • FAQs

    What is the Mess Me Not Smock made from? The Mess Me Not Smock is made from a soft, lightweight and breathable polyester knit fabric with the water...
  • Caring for your Mess Me Not Smock

    The Mess Me Not Smock has been designed to be enjoyed for a long time to come however in order to prolong the life of your smock, like anything you...
  • Mess Me Not Conditions of Use

    By purchasing a Mess Me Not Smock you are agreeing to the conditions of use below: Mess Me Not Smocks are designed for use on babies and toddlers o...
  • Our New Short Sleeve Collection!

    Our New Short Sleeve Mess Me Not Smocks!!
  • Will a Mess Me Not fit my highchair?

    Will a Mess Me Not fit my highchair? We tested the Mess Me Not on a long list of highchairs and it fit most of them with no issues at all. Check here to find your highchair! We also make custom sizes if you have one of the few that are too large for the standard Mess Me Not!
  • Why a Mess Me Not?

    Mess Me Not Smocks are the most essential  baby led weaning (BLW) item for all parents and babies about to embark on the journey to solids. From 6...