About Us- The Mess Me Not Story

About Us- The Mess Me Not Story

 (My eldest two girls were the inspiration behind our smocks)

Mess Me Not is a small, family-owned business based in Melbourne, Australia. The business was founded by me, Stephanie, a mum of three who understands first-hand how much time is wasted cleaning and scrubbing the highchair after each meal and then having to change and soak stained and wet clothing. I trialed so many different products to try and combat this problem but nothing provided the full coverage I wanted to keep my children clean and dry and also to help avoid cleaning the highchair all over again. It was then, one night after a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese, having to peel pasta off my 9 month old’s clothing and having to scrub the orange stains off the high chair tray, that the idea of a smock covering the entire tray came to me. It was at this moment that I sat down and began the design, from there creating the Mess Me Not Smock!

(My second daughter enjoying the meal that started it all)  


In the first year of Mess Me Not I sewed all the smocks myself on our dining room table with my 1 and 4-year-old playing at my feet. My nights were then spent sewing, cutting, and working well into the early hours of the morning as they slept. From here, our business moved into our third bedroom and the girls moved into the other together. 


(From our dining room table to spare bedroom, our business quickly grew. With a movie on as entertainment for my girls I worked as they played)

In the second year of our business, we found a manufacturer and the word about our game-changing our smocks started to spread. We have been so blessed to have such a loyal community of customers who tell their friends and family about our smocks, and this has been how our business has grown. We are now using a large-scale manufacturer better suited to our needs and have improved the fabric even further to ensure it is the best possible quality for our gorgeous little customers.

Mess Me Not Smock bib founder Stephanie and her three children.
(Mess Me Not's founder Stephanie and her three children)


Having started in 2019 and then being hit with the start of the pandemic, we became experts at learning to adjust, adapt and modify. With remote learning, a toddler, a household to care for and a business to run the task was definitely no easy feat. Running a small business through all the lockdowns in Melbourne was such a test. I am so proud of how we overcame all the challenges and managed to continue growing during this time. I am so thankful for the support of my family and friends throughout this period who remotely pushed me to keep going. Our business has been hit with so many challenges but it has definitely made us so much stronger. 

(Running a business in lockdown- all hands on deck!)


The uniqueness of our designs

It is so important to create a positive experience around mealtimes so that your little one develops a great relationship with eating. And this sits at the core of our unique design.

Here’s what makes our smocks so special:

  1. Our design has been carefully thought out to allow your bub to move freely and comfortably during their meal. 
  2. The fabric we have chosen will keep your little one clean and dry whilst ensuring they do not overheat and are comfortable for the duration of their meal. 
  3. Our smocks are easy to clean, they can be wiped down, are machine washable and tumble dry safe. 
  4. And we all know how much babies do not enjoy having to stay sitting when they want to get out, so our smocks also include a quick release clip at the back of the highchair making it easy to remove your bub quickly from the highchair.


(My youngest showing how quick and easy it is to take off the smock)


Mess Me Not in the Press

Mess Me Not has had some incredible experiences since 2019. We were featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise in 2021, have been featured in an article in our local children’s magazine and have been involved in so many markets and shows. The Sunrise experience with all the gorgeous babies that came to join us for the day was my favourite memory. The morning was a huge success and all the babies were such superstars.   

(We were so honoured to be featured on Sunrise)

We love our Mess Me Not Smocks in our family, our customers love our Mess Me Not Smocks and we cannot wait for you to try them and transform your mealtimes with your baby as well. 

(The Mess Me Not family) 



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