Mess Me Not Conditions of Use

Mess Me Not Conditions of Use

Mess Me Not Conditions of Use

By purchasing a Mess Me Not Smock you are agreeing to the conditions of use below:

Mess Me Not Smocks are designed for use on babies and toddlers older than 6 months of age. Mess Me Not recommend the appropriate highchair straps to be worn under the smock at all times to prevent falls and injuries to the child. It is recommended that you check the snaps of the Mess Me Not Smock prior to placing the smock on your child as they may be a little stiff when new. If you find they are, simply open and close until they become looser. They will loosen a lot over time too. We recommend you do not use your Mess Me Not Smock until you are confident putting it on and taking it off easily and quickly.

Taking care of your Mess Me Not Smock:

  • Please wash before first use.
  • Use a warm, gentle setting on your washing machine using normal laundry detergent. Avoid fabric softeners, bleach or vinegar as this may damage the protective film on your smock. You must wash your smock in the washing machine to ensure it it thoroughly cleaned and to ensure the spinning of the cycle removes the excess water in order to help it to dry faster and more evenly. 
  • Your smock can be wiped clean for small cleanups. To do so, wipe the smock clean with a clean, soapy sponge and allow to air dry. It must not be left soaking wet.
  • Always wash your smock immediately after use in the washing machine. Do not leave it sitting wet or damp. 
  • Hang your smock to dry right side facing out. Hanging on a small coat hanger on the clothesline is most recommended or hanging upside down on the back of the highchair seat.
  • Never leave your smock soiled.
  • Always ensure it is hung to dry without delay and ensure it is thoroughly dried prior to use or storage.
  • Ensure the smock is rinsed immediately after serving dishes that could possibly stain the smock to retain its colour (for example with tomato based dishes). Then immediately wash in the washing machine.

Using your Mess Me Not Smock:

  • Place the tray cover over your highchair tray and pull the white clip over the back of the highchair seat. You can also unclip and then pull the tray cover on, then clip the white clip back together behind the seat.
  • Holding the edges of the tray cover, gently pull the elastic around the tray so that it fits and sits snug around your tray. The elastic is designed to move freely in its casing so it can be adjusted to fit all styles of highchair trays. 
  • Next place your child into the highchair, strap them in using the appropriate highchair straps then place their arms into the smock sleeves and fasten the snap/s at the back to the most appropriate for their neck size. The snaps may be tight to open when new and they will loosen over time, but if you find them too tight simply open and close them to make them looser prior to fitting it to your child. Only use the smock once you are confident you can remove the snaps easily. To open the snaps, hold at the base of the snap and pull to release. Avoid pulling the fabric to open the snap as this can stress the fabric.
  • For use with suction bowls, roll the tray cover up and clip the white clip together under the seat or tray so that it fits tight around the highchair.

Please note:

A Mess Me Not Smock must ONLY be used when the child is securely strapped in using the appropriate highchair straps. NEVER use the Mess Me Not Smock as a replacement for highchair straps. Like always, please ensure your child is supervised at all times by an adult whilst using the Mess Me Not Smock and when eating. Before each use please check that the smock is in perfect working order. To do this ensure the snaps that fasten the smock are secure and open easily, and that there are no loose threads or possible hazards. 


Further Care Instructions:

The Mess Me Not Smock has been designed to be enjoyed for a long time to come however in order to prolong the life of your smock, like anything you own, they do need some love and care. Looking after them is very easy but there are some things to be mindful of. Please read the below points to keep in mind when caring for your Mess Me Not Smock.

  • Wash regularly in the washing machine on a warm, gentle cycle (no more than 800RPM or 60 degrees Celsius in temperature).
  • Avoid fabric softener and use mild- normal laundry detergent.
  • Never bleach or use vinegar when washing your smock.
  • Dry thoroughly on the line, ensuring sleeves are completely pulled out. (Hanging on a clothes hanger on the line is a great way to dry it as it opens up the arms and allows it to dry evenly)
  • Ensure it is completely dry prior to storage or use. This means the sleeves and the cuffs are dry also. The elastic in the cuff also needs to dry which is why it is important to ensure it is completely dry prior to storage.
  • Store in a clean, dry area away from moisture and humidity. Hanging it with the tray cover over the back of the highchair seat is a great option for storage then it is there and ready to use when you need it.
  • Never leave wet or damp and always make sure it is left hanging if wiped so it can then dry thoroughly.
  • Never leave soiled.

Mess Me Not Smocks are made from a polyester knit with a waterproof film. This film is heat sensitive and can be damaged if expose to high heat. Being waterproof on the outside, it also means water can be held trapped if not dried appropriately causing further issues to the longevity of the smock. If you have any questions please never hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help!

To contact us please fill in the form in the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of this page.


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