Why a Mess Me Not Smock?

Why a Mess Me Not Smock?

Why a Mess Me Not Smock?

Mess Me Not Smocks are the most essential baby led weaning (BLW) item for all parents with babies about to embark on the journey to solids. From 6 months of age it is important for your baby to have exposure to a variety of different foods to experience different textures and flavours and set them on the path of a healthy relationship with food. Mess Me Not Smocks allow your baby to play with textures as they squish, poke, hold, squeeze and taste their food, making a wonderful mess as they learn about eating and then once mealtime is over, allow you to quickly and simply clean up by discarding the uneaten food in the bin and throwing the smock in the washing machine. The highchair seat and tray are left spotless and their clothes are clean and dry. The Mess Me Not Smock is 100% food safe and waterproof too leaving your baby clean and dry whilst they eat. With a Mess Me Not Smock your baby can be in messy heaven and cleaning up is quick and simple. No stained clothing, no highchair seat and tray to scrub clean! 

✔️ Australian owned 🇦🇺
✔️ Phthalate and BPA free
✔️ CPSIA approved PUL
✔️ 100% food safe and waterproof
✔️ No ties, no velcro, no separate pieces
✔️ Wipe clean or fully machine washable
✔️ Fits all highchairs and trays (even highchairs without trays!)
✔️ Soft and lightweight 100% polyester knit fabric bonded with a waterproof and breathable film on the outer layer only
✔️ Covers the entire highchair tray, no gaps for food to squish under
✔️ Available in a variety of different colours and prints
✔️ Available in 2 sizes each with 6 adjustable neck widths (6-18months, 18months-3years)
✔️Less time cleaning and more time playing and caring for your baby

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