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Footsi FAQs

FAQ's on the Footsi

How much weight can be applied to the Footsi?

The suction lock & Footsi can not withstand the whole body weight of a child for prolonged periods. The Footsi has been designed to withstand the leg weight of children up to 3 years old (recommended full weight of child ~15kg / 33lbs). Always securely fasten child using the high chairs own harness system while using the Footsi. Repeatedly standing on the Footsi may cause wear and tear that PMHC Holdings Pty Ltd will not be liable for. Therefore, please DO NOT allow your child to repeatedly stand on the Footsi.


I can't seem to get my hook installed correctly, what am I doing wrong?

Firstly, make sure you clean the area for the hook with rubbing alcohol and allow to air dry. Remove protective cover from suction hook. Place suction hook just under the lip of the highchair and apply a firm push in the centre of the suction hook (for the “pop” hook) or feel around the edges of the clip down hook until the seal is firm against the back of the chair. You should feel the suction hook “pop” (pop hook) or feel the air being completely pushed out from under the suction hook (clip down hook) when securely attached. Check installation by firmly pulling on the suction hook (or picking up the chair using the hook only). It might be easier to lay the chair on the ground (or against a wall) front side down to be able to firmly press the suction hook on. 

The hook is a specially designed vacuum seal application (so isn't a sticky hook, nor does it require any additives such as glue). Once installed correctly, the vacuum seal creates the suction. Each hook has been manufactured & quality tested by a 100% owned and operated German factory in China. The hook is extremely strong once it is installed correctly.

We have lots of installation videos as saved stories in our Instagram. Here are links to our YouTube videos. Make sure to turn the volume on.

Installation of suction hook:

Pop hook (see video here):

Clip Hook (see video here):

If you are having trouble with your hook, try either wiping it down with a water based (chemical free) baby wipe, or soak it in warm (soapy) water to remove any dust or dirt, then allow to air dry before using it again.

Finally, a customer has kindly offered her own troubleshooting idea here:

"I did see in some comments not that long ago a couple of people saying their suction hook kept falling off. I couldn’t get mine to attach under lip or lower down on chair (after following all instructions) until I successfully got it to ‘pop’ on our kitchen splash back tiles, then it easily attached to the back of my Antilop nice and securely. Was going to reply to their comments to tell them to try this if they still weren’t having any luck but couldn’t find the comments. Anyway just letting you that’s my troubleshoot in case any more people say they have issues."


Which highchairs does the Footsi go with? 

The Footsi™️ footrest has been tested on multiple high chairs for appropriate fit and makes a great addition to either the Ikea Antilop, Kmart Quadro, Big W Uno, Target Snacka, Aldi Mamia, Mocka Designer baby chairs, or similar. These chairs are all very similar designs. The suction hook needs to be applied to a non-porous surface, therefore there are some highchairs the Footsi won't suit. See our videos above on how to install the suction hook on the back of the highchair.


What foot placement do I need for my 5-9 month old?

Regarding feet placement, you don't need all of their feet covering the Footsi initially, if they even get part of their heel on, it would be giving them comfort and support, knowing they have something to rest their feet on during mealtimes. The optimum position they’ll eventually get to is 90 degree hips, 90 degree knees and 90 degree ankles (see picture below of a 6.5 month seating position) and the great thing about the design of the IKEA Antilop highchair (and similar) is outward facing legs, so as the little one’s legs grow (hips, thighs, shins) the Footsi will adjust down the front legs of the chair to enable the appropriate leg support.

The Footsi can be used by your little one as soon as they hit the highchair, however they may also require the complementary inflatable IKEA cushion to promote trunk & chest support and correct posture, up until they are old enough to sit upright without help (usually at about 10-12 months - I know that’s when our daughter no longer needed the inflatable cushion) or are too big to fit in the highchair with the cushion. For this reason we have also started producing matching Footsi cushion covers, which fit the IKEA inflatable cushion (we do not sell the inflatable cushions).

If baby is 5-9 months old they are only starting to learn how to sit in the highchair. You may need to guide their feet to sit flat on the Footsi and as they grow they will get used to using it. We have to remember at only circa 6 months, bubs have no idea how to use a footrest, but we know it’s good for their trunk stability so we have to teach them how and why it’s important. It’s kind of like feeding them vegetables, they may not like them just yet, but we know it’s good for them!

How do I wash stains out of and generally care for my Footsi?

Wash your Footsi in either a cold or warm machine wash in a washing bag. Place it flat and allow it to air dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener, do not iron, dry clean or tumble dry. For tough stains, you may also want to use some Napisan (or equivalent) spray or powder to soak in before washing. You may want to ensure you wash the Footsi separately, for at least its first wash.