Caring for your Mess Me Not Smock

We are so incredibly proud of the quality of our Mess Me Not Smocks and the longevity of our product through its design and materials. Like all things though they need to be cared for well in order to see them last a long time. Luckily, caring  for your smock is very straightforward and easy. When it is used it must be washed in the washing machine and when it is washed it must be dried in a warm location free from further moisture. It really is that simple. We want to make your lives easier so our care instructions are just that. Here are some helpful tips to care for your Mess Me Not Smock. 
If you intend to use your Mess Me Not Smock every mealtime, every day we recommend you purchase two or more. Like everything, if you expose something to moisture and it is not given the appropriate time to dry thoroughly then expose it to further moisture it can create an environment that can cause issues. The fabric may appear dry to touch but there still may be some moisture in the casing and the joins so they need to be left to dry before being used again or stored.
Our smocks are made from a very high quality PUL which is a polyester knit with a protective, waterproof film on the outer layer. They don’t require any special treatment but we do recommend avoiding fabric softener, vinegar and bleach as these chemicals may destroy the film that keeps your baby dry.
If you wash your smock they must be dried without delay. Similarly, if your smock is exposed to moisture during a meal it must also be washed then dried. Our smocks are also tumble dry safe which makes it even easier to keep them dry. We recommend a low/warm tumble dry cycle the right side out with other items of clothing/ towels as this will help the smocks dry. To line dry we recommend hanging them on an adult sized coat hanger the right side out in a warm location (careful to avoid humid locations such as the laundry or bathroom). 
Special care must also be taken if you live in a humid climate. All the rain/ flooding and warm weather we have had around the country can cause a lot of issues with clothing and our smocks are no different. Always ensure your smock is able to dry (using the tumble dryer if the air is too humid) and that it is not used or stored without the appropriate time to dry it. 
We pride ourselves in the quality of our Mess Me Not Smocks. They are loved by thousands of mums and dads around Australia and the world and we know you will love them too. 

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