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About Us- The Mess Me Not Story

Is your baby starting solids soon?
Has your baby been eating for a while and you currently have a bucket of clothes soaking in the laundry?
Are you sick of cleaning grubby highchairs and soaking stained clothing after each meal time?

With the Mess Me Not Smock the mess is contained and the only cleaning you have to do is to empty the leftover food and throw the smock into the washing machine! No mess, no scrubbing, no soaking!

As a mother of two little girls I absolutely hated cleaning the highchair and was sick of their beautiful clothes being ruined by stains when they started eating. I searched high and low for bibs or smocks and better alternatives to having to clean the highchair and soak food stained clothes three times a day but nothing met this criteria. Everything I found was either too hard to clean, was bulky and restrictive, didn't protect the clothes enough, wasn't easy to put on or take off and was just not right. Since my now 4 year old started eating I began trialling designs and ideas to prevent such a messy clean up every single meal and over the course of these years trialled different ideas until the Mess Me Not Smock was created. The Mess Me Not Smock keeps your baby clean from the neck down, is comfortable and allows your baby to move freely, is easy to put on, catches all food otherwise dropped in laps, protects the entire highchair tray and once the meal is finished is simply taken off, left over food emptied in the bin and then thrown into the washing machine. No cleaning the highchair tray, no cleaning the highchair seat, no changing wet and soiled clothing, no soaking and scrubbing stains out of clothes. Just take the Mess Me Not off, discard the food and throw it in the machine! The entire tray is covered by the smock yet the design protects bowls and plates sitting on the tray from spilling over when your baby moves. Better yet, as the smock can be cleaned so easily and thoroughly in the wash, the need for bowls and plates isn't even necessary. The beauty of this smock being so light and compact is that you can also pop it in your nappy bag when leaving the house and use it when out and about to not only keep your baby’s clothing clean but protect them from germs left behind on public highchairs. This product has changed my life and makes meal times so much easier. I cannot wait for it to transform your meal times as well.

Babies are naturally messy little creatures but with the Mess Me Not Smock your mealtimes don't have to be!