What is Baby Led Weaning

What is Baby Led Weaning

Thinking of starting baby led weaning? It is such an exciting time for your little one as they begin their journey to solid foods. With so many different ways to introduce solids to babies it can be quite overwhelming. Here are some questions and answers you might have about getting starting with baby led weaning.

Baby led weaning. A baby sits in a smock in the highchair ready to start solid foods


Exploring Baby Led Weaning: A Comprehensive Guide

As a parent, every new phase in your baby’s development comes with excitement and questions. One approach that has gained popularity in recent years is baby led weaning (BLW). If you find yourself curious about what baby led weaning entails, when to start, and whether it’s safe and recommended, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the world of baby led weaning and address your pressing questions.

What is Baby Led Weaning?
Baby led weaning is an approach to introducing solids to your baby that empowers them to take charge of their eating experience. Instead of the traditional spoon-feeding approach, where parents control the timing and amount of food consumed, baby led weaning allows babies to self-feed from the very start. This means offering them appropriately sized pieces of soft, nutritious foods that they can grasp and explore at their own pace.

When Can I Start Baby Led Weaning with My Baby?
The general consensus among pediatricians is that you can consider starting baby led weaning around 6 months of age. At this point, most babies have reached developmental milestones like sitting with minimal support, displaying good head and neck control, and showing an interest in reaching for and exploring objects.

How Do I Start with My Baby?
Begin by offering safe, appropriately sized finger foods that are easy for your baby to pick up. Soft, cooked vegetables, fruits, and well-cooked proteins like meat or beans are great options. It’s important to create a safe environment, supervise your baby while they eat, and allow them to explore different textures and flavours at their own pace.

How Do I Know What Size Food Is Safe?
When it comes to size, think about foods that are manageable for your baby to grasp without being a choking hazard. Generally, foods should be cut into long, thin strips or appropriately-sized pieces that your baby can hold in their fist. As a rule of thumb, if a food is larger than your baby’s fist, it might be too big, too small and it might become a choking hazard.

Is Baby Led Weaning Safe?
Baby led weaning can be safe when done correctly. It’s crucial to choose foods that are appropriate in size, texture, and nutritional value. Always supervise your baby during mealtime to prevent choking and ensure that the environment is free of distractions. Additionally, being knowledgeable about first aid for choking is an important skill for parents practicing BLW.

Is Baby Led Weaning Recommended?
The recommendation for introducing solids, whether through traditional spoon-feeding or baby led weaning, ultimately depends on your baby’s developmental readiness and your family’s preferences. Many parents and experts support baby led weaning as a way to encourage self-regulation, fine motor skills, and exploration of different tastes and textures. However, it’s important to choose the approach that aligns with your baby’s needs and your comfort level as a parent.

Is Baby Led Weaning messy?

All forms of introducing solids to babies is messy but that is part of the fun! Making a mess and exploring textures and foods allows your baby to develop a positive relationship with food. The Mess Me Not Smock was designed by me, a mum of 3 with firsthand experience with baby led weaning to ensure mealtimes focus on this exciting milestone rather than stressing over the cleanup at the end.

In conclusion, baby led weaning is an exciting journey that allows your baby to explore the world of food in a hands-on and self-directed manner. With the right knowledge, preparation, and attention to safety, baby led weaning can be a wonderful way to introduce solids and foster a positive relationship with food from the very beginning.

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