Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Mess Me Not Smock fit to my highchair?

The Mess Me Not Smock is designed to fit over the tray and then clip around the back of the chair to secure it in place.


How do I wash a Mess Me Not Smock?

We recommend the Mess Me Not Smock is washed on a warm- hot, gentle cycle (up to 60 degrees Celsius) with normal laundry detergent after use. The Mess Me Not Smock can also be wiped clean for small clean ups but if the sleeves or smock have been in contact with liquids or really messy food recommend they are just chucked straight in the washing machine for a thorough wash. We still recommend washing in the machine daily if used every day, just like you would thoroughly wash your plates and bowls after each use. They do not need to be put in a delicates bag to be washed, just in with the normal load with similar colours is fine.

How do I dry the Mess Me Not Smock?

Mess Me Not Smocks are one of the few smocks available to be tumble dry safe. You can safely dry your smock on a low/warm tumble dry setting or hang outside (not in direct sunlight is preferred). We recommend hanging on a normal adult size coat hanger on the clothesline in the sun to help the arms open up and for it to dry evenly. Drying is just as important as washing your Mess Me Not Smock though and it must be dried thoroughly before use or storage. If used daily we recommend purchasing more than one in order for the smocks to dry properly between uses. If you live in a particularly humid location tumble dry is recommended or drying somewhere away from the humidity and moisture.

Can I use suction bowls?

In order to use suction bowls with the Mess Me Not Smock simply roll the tray cover up and then attach the clip together under the highchair seat or the tray, depending on which gives the most tension to hold the smock in place closing the gap between your little one and the tray to catch the dropped food. Then, if you want full mess protection again, simply unroll and pull the cover back over the tray and clip at the back of the chair.

What is the Mess Me Not Smock made from?

The Mess Me Not Smock is made from a soft, lightweight and breathable polyester knit fabric with the waterproof film (PUL) on the outer layer only. This not only keeps your little one cooler but ensures they are comfortable during their meal.

Will the food spill off the smock whilst in use?

The Mess Me Not Smock has been carefully designed to create a dip between the highchair tray and your little one where the smock meets the tray cover. This unique one piece design catches all the food and prevents it spilling over the side and onto the floor as your little one moves around during the meal.

Is the Mess Me Not Smock restrictive?

The Mess Me Not Smock has been carefully designed to ensure your little one can move comfortably and freely, as if they were just wearing any item of clothing. Comfort is most important during a meal to create positive experiences at mealtimes to help lead to healthy eating habits and the Mess Me Not Smock ensures the environment is created for your little one.

Will the Mess Me Not Smock fit my highchair?

Yes, the Mess Me Not Smock has been tested on all major brands of highchair and fits large, small, round, rectangle and square trays. If your tray has a bigger lip the smock tray cover will still fit, simply push down on the cover to release the air between the cover and tray and use as normal. The Mess Me Not Smock can also be used on highchairs without trays and on prams. For a more detailed list click here. If you have any questions about your highchair please email us at

Is the Mess Me Not Smock only for mealtimes?

You can use the Mess Me Not Smock for any messy experience. They are great for messy craft, sensory experiences and painting. Just ensure the products you use won't leave stains on the smock if you are worried about staining. Once again we recommend washing straight after use.

I have a discount code, where do I add it?

Once you have finished adding to your cart, head to the checkout page. On the checkout page click the option 'Show Order Summary' and then a drop down option will display the box to add your code. Click the arrow once your code is entered and the code should be automatically applied.

Can the Mess Me Not Smock be used instead of highchair straps?

No. A Mess Me Not Smock does not replace the use of highchair straps. We recommend you use your Mess Me Not Smock over the highchair straps to ensure your little one is safe and secure in the highchair. We advise your child to be supervised by an adult at all times during their time in the highchair and when using the Mess Me Not Smock.


Have another question?

Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please contact us here via the Contact Us page.

We hope you love your Mess Me Not Smock as much as we do in our family. 


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