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Caring for your Mess Me Not Smock

The Mess Me Not Smock has been designed to be enjoyed for a long time to come however in order to prolong the life of your smock, like anything you own, they do need some love and care. Looking after them is very easy but there are some things to be mindful of. Please read the below points to keep in mind when caring for your Mess Me Not Smock.

  • Wash regularly in the washing machine on a warm, gentle cycle (we recommend less than 60° Celsius and less than 800RPM spin)
  • Avoid fabric softener and use mild- normal laundry detergent
  • Never bleach or use vinegar when washing your smock
  • Dry thoroughly on the line in the sun, ensuring sleeves are completely pulled out. (Hanging on a clothes hanger on the line is a great way to dry it as it opens up the arms and allows it to dry evenly)
  • The Mess Me Not Smock is Tumble Dry safe on a warm setting
  • Ensure it is completely dry prior to storage or use. This means the sleeves and the cuffs are dry also. The elastic in the cuff also needs to dry which is why it is important to ensure it is completely dry prior to storage.
  • Store in a clean, dry area away from moisture and humidity. Hanging it with the tray cover over the back of the highchair seat is a great option for storage then it is there and ready to use when you need it.
  • Never leave wet or damp and always make sure it is left hanging if wiped so it can then dry thoroughly
  • Never leave soiled and always at least wipe clean, or if in a rush rinse and hang then wash thoroughly in the machine later. The best way to clean your Mess Me Not Smock is just to throw it in the washing machine.

Mess Me Not Smocks are made from a polyester knit with a waterproof film. This film is heat sensitive and can be damaged if exposed to high heat. Being waterproof on the outside, it also means water can be held trapped if not dried appropriately causing further issues to the longevity of the smock. If you have any questions please never hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help!

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